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Matt Hurray ‘Nofre Nuggets


Long-time musician and artist Matt Hurray sets the mood with ease as his latest album of surf songs hits the indie scene.

Kicking off with a crisp and clean surf-ready arena of guitars, reverb and marching rhythms, Pipeline feels fit to accompany a Tarantino montage, offering stylish musicianship and a cool, collected yet reflective mood that’s easy to get into.

This style aptly proves to be a huge calling card of the project – these seemingly freely meandering solos offering plenty in the way of catchy hooks and melodies that linger with you after listening. Mr Moto follows and is a fine example.

Afterwards, a switch to the acoustic set-up highlights another side to Matt’s artistry. Here we get a beach-ready, sunset kind of vibe, accompanied by some subtle vocal oohs and a shoulder-swaying groove that quickly calms. Always the delicate solo work returns to guide you through the scene, showcasing a clearly refined and passionate guitarist, with a limitless number of melodies and creative pathways at his disposal.

As the project goes on, Perfidia is a definite highlight for its world-music flavor, optimism and melody combined. It’s a quickly familiar, nostalgic piece, with great energy.

Apache is another for its mellow swagger and, again, engaging progression – not to mention its use of contrast between delicate brightness and sudden intensity. Then there’s the infamous Wipeout at the penultimate moment – injecting a welcomed hit of energy and faultless finger-work just at the right moment.

‘Nofre Nuggets is a great collection, and an easy playlist to turn to whenever you need it – superb musicianship, arrangements and production, and a mighty ode to some classic surf-rock.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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