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Exploding into life with the quickly infectious riff and anthem-like hook of Saucy, Matt B’s album EDEN offers an entire playlist of engaging alternatives for the modern hip hop scene.

Colourful and creative, moody and reflective when necessary – the mellow embrace of Bad Vibes as an example and absolute highlight – EDEN keeps things eclectic yet still well-rooted amidst the voice and stylings of the artist.

Creativity continues to shine brightly as tracks like Go Hard mix things up and blend contemporary vocals with industrial rhythms and sci-fi-style layers of detail.

Melodic calm strikes again for a minimalist, late-night and immersive Tweakin, followed by a soulful and fairly timeless RnB hit that is Trap House.

Matt B consistently blends the sound of today and that of a simpler era throughout EDEN. At the same time, creativity runs free and fearlessly, and the vocals are forever on point. Storytelling and personal, emotional reflections all come into play.

Quarterback effectively blends these qualities, and proves another highlight. Eleven tracks strong though and always focused on the audience and the honesty of the moment all at once, EDEN feels like a relevant contender with a likable edge of alternative purity. Consider the emotive outpourings of Deep and Look At What You’ve Done.

A loving album, hard-hitting and intimate in equal parts, with its roots firmly planted in the dreamy euphoria of EDEN but a clear thread of realness intertwined amidst that.

Download or stream EDEN here. Visit Matt B’s Website for more info or follow him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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