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Offering a somewhat ethereal array of soundscapes, which work in unison with softly energizing beats, producer and artist Matéus has crafted a five-track collection of originals that work beautifully as the sort of mellow accompaniment to a busy day that so many of us seek out.

Whether you’re studying for exams and need a little creative lo-fi to see you through the long-nights, or if you’re waking up from a heavy weekend and need a little calm – plus a whole host of other suitable situations in between – suétam is an easy choice. Professionally composed, produced to a crisp and clean degree, and musically satisfying in a subtle yet engaging, fairly addictive way.

As a musician, Matéus leads with bass-guitar work for the most part, and these bass-lines add a notable warmth and clever contrast to the dreamlike ocean of lighter, retro synths that float above them. From INTRO we notice these qualities in an isolated, simple setting. Then for Present we’re welcomed by a smooth rap vocal, feeling far more spoken word than classic hip hop at first, but progressing through varied flows that see the track lean in more than a few directions. Conceptually there’s a powerful undertone to the track, which suits the optimism and calm of the soundscape really well. There’s a certain intimate clarity to this that lets it connect in a profound and inspiring way.

As The Waitin’ Place kicks up, it’s clear that Matéus has a style recognizable as his own. Meandering synths and light beats intertwine to deliver a sort of hypnotic, soothing aura. Within this set-up, the artist proceeds to explore various melodic and rhythmic routes, telling intricate stories but leaving the details up to the imagination of the listener. This track evolves unexpectedly into far brighter plains later on. The bass-line is stunning, really re-igniting that appreciation for the creative and performance process.

A slight change of gears emerges for Mistakes, a softly finger-picked piece with a juxtaposing, effected guitar-line wandering freely amidst it. The journey here is beautifully creative, and offers a few completely raw, real moments of musicality and humanity united. An improvisation of sorts, the kind that would mesmerize in a live setting. Defiantly a highlight for its uninhibited, soulful sense of freedom and lightness.

City Strut / Falling brings things to a funky finish with a tripped up, artistic beat and a sort of jazz-cafe meets retro-live-jam vibe. Another instance of versatility, yet still in keeping with the consistent mood of the EP – even with the tempo changes, the stops and starts; the core energy and colour keeps you involved. Mateus manages to impress and offer faultlessly appropriate escapism all in one controlled and calming sweep. An artist through and through, and a project well worth relaxing into.

EP Out June 29th. Find & follow Matéus on Instagram & Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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