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MASS Phase 1


The upcoming project Phase 1 from artist and rapper MASS showcases a dark and industrially stylish collection of original tracks. Leading with heavy bass-lines, trap beats and plenty of space, MASS takes on the mystery and unpredictability of the music as his equally carefree and meandering vocal performances flow through.

MARTA kicks things off and is all of this. A notably late-night vibe emerges, a creative beat with plenty of changes in pace – stops and starts, redirection. Meanwhile the vocal deliveries work in a similarly unique fashion. While there are hints of contemporary hip hop to the sound and style, these are often short-lived – for the most part you get lost in the verses, in the detail presented there and in the unusually clean, clear-cut sound of the voices.

Being rightfully unafraid to take control of the track and work as a master over the soundscape, the artist needs only the strength of his bars, the memorable rhythm of that hook and the title concept, and precisely this kind of laid-back level of confidence in order for the music to leave its mark. The rest of the EP changes the vibe a fair bit, creativity grows stronger, and more of those effective hooks make their way through. CAUGHT A PLAY is another highlight for all of these reasons. A worthy contender in the ever-growing world of hip hop.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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