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Mason Holiday Heaven


Proving with beautiful purity and talent alike, that it’s never too late to start something – Mason Holiday was in his thirties before he took up learning guitar. His new single, the minimalistic yet sentimental Heaven, is one of 2020’s most heartfelt and intimate releases to date.

Rather than negatively impacting his writing and performing, on the contrary – perhaps a life spent outside of music, can allow someone to step into the process with a certain air of innocence and creative freedom. With this particular single, there’s a notable warmth and emotive simplicity, to both the writing and the performance.

Heaven is a softly uplifting, loving new single, with a simple soundscape and an even simpler yet satisfying, memorable and genuinely heartfelt hook. Underneath this, gentle guitar picking creates a mildly familiar pattern – almost a little Hallelujah inspired – an organic loop that proceeds to envelop the listener. Mason’s own vocal intimacy, this crisp and clean, quiet and unaffected presentation, furthers that embrace and realness.

It’s a gorgeous song, dedicated towards a significant other, yet done so in a vague and accessible way – meaning this can easily become the our song of couples far and wide.

Download the single via iTunes. Find & follow Mason Holiday on Facebook & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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