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Mary Ann Pressure


Following the rightful success of her debut single Wake Up Call, the unmistakable songwriting and vocal depth of Mary Ann returns – this time elevated amidst a crisp electronic rock soundscape and a fresh poetic expression of longing.

Pressure feels like a passionate anthem of desire, a structurally impactful balancing of softly searching verses and a boldly explosive hook – all of which is sonically immersive and profoundly human in topic. The result is quite cinematic, a huge single that breathes new life into the current scene – underpinning nostalgic rock power with contemporary detailing and authentic writing.

Noting atmospheric production and classic rock drums, the release blends the warmth of keys with the grit and soul of guitars, and weaves in recognisable synth riffs on the top line to maximise that recognition. We’re in a kind of Nothing But Thieves territory, only with a completely incomparable songwriter edge and tone that naturally creates its own approach.

Equally connecting alongside this is the vocal story and sound – Mary Ann’s impeccable delivery uniting genuine emotion with varying levels of intensity across a long-form profession. The song relays a clear sense of personal turmoil, but also brings through original references and metaphors to lead with a wholly relatable, accessible sense of relevance.

In short, the emotion and weight of Pressure creatively screams out on behalf of feeling the overwhelming demands of the modern world and the search for self-acceptance and love. The final fifth delves into the heavy and immersive alt rock essence of the set-up, allowing these ideas time to settle in, before a quietly whispered outro reinforces the personality of the style and the deeply vulnerable sentiments of the songwriting.

Having taken home the alternative music prize at the Hollywood Independent Music Awards in 2023, Portugal’s Mary Ann has gone from strength to strength as a driven artist, choosing quality over quantity and thus presenting only the most engaging, interesting and memorable original songs to raise the bar with. Absolutely an act worth tuning in for this year.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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