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Martin Lucassen Beauty All Around Me


From the incredibly beautiful album The Night Turns To Morning Light, songwriter Martin Lucassen has now released the stunning Beauty All Around Me as a single – with an accompanying video and a touch of musical enhancement to re-ignite the central fire of the song.

Martin recently became a vegetarian, and so for him the song and the video highlight effectively the power and beauty of the natural world and why we should try to make the best decisions possible to preserve and protect it. To listen to the song again now is actually like listening to it for the first time. The recording has been beautifully presented – the acoustic instrumentation, the rhythm, the leading male vocal and accompanying female one – there’s a sublime sense of warmth and musical satisfaction to the release that surrounds you from the offset. Then as you get more involved, the simplicity of the verse melody means you really pick up on the movement of the song quite quickly, and you fully take on the power of each line as a result.

There are always so many good things to say about Martin Lucassen’s songwriting. It’s great to hear that this particular song is being given the attention and recognition it deserves, particularly considering its message, its depth, its importance. This re-master, as it were, has really brightened up every possible moment with the track. You can hear the organic individuality of each instrument, and yet at the same time you can lose yourself in the ambiance and gentle rhythm of it all – the overall finish underlines a certain unity between everything involved, so that hopeful warmth and that equally emotional sense of concern for the future arrive in hypnotic harmony with one another. It’s beautiful song with a stunning video to accompany the underlying sentiment.

Listen to the music on Spotify or download it via CDBaby. You can also check out the videos for Magic Home & Love You From Scratch (Remix)Find & follow Martin Lucassen on Facebook & Twitter or visit his Website for more information.

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