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Martin Englert But I Love You (Feat. Aude)


Leading with immediately calming acoustic guitar-play and a colourful chord progression, the upbeat rhythm and joy of But I Love You shine brightly from the outset.

Introducing a unique collaboration between sound designer and audio programmer Martin Englert and singer and songwriter Aude, But I Love You goes on to weave a hypnotic melody and loving concept around listeners.

There’s a slightly unusual nature to the melodic progression, which suits the interesting and colourful aura of the soundscape pretty perfectly. The whole thing manages to feel like an easy pop hit whilst also leaning heavily towards the more alternative realms.

It’s fascinating the way this has been crafted, it engages and satisfies thanks to high-energy riffs, a dreamlike, multi-layered downpour of detail, and Aude’s stunningly delicate yet genuine and emotive voice, but it also intrigues for its less-than-expected qualities. These include the fusion of synths and organic sound-play, the meandering melody, the placement of the vocal within the mix, and the way the story just pours through like a stream of consciousness – cleverly filled out with poetic and pure observations.

Beautifully done, addictive with its dance-pop brightness and seductive, interesting melody. Perhaps the most unique yet still impressive alt-pop single to emerge this side of 2020. Both Martin Englert and Aude offer something authentic and creative to the scene, and in this case they’ve got the collaborative chemistry just right. Well worth knowing about.

Download or stream But I Love You here. Find & follow Martin Englert on TwitterSoundcloud & YouTube or visit his Website.

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