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Martin Del Carpio Say a Prayer (Nostalgia Lost Remix)


Another re-crafting of a song from the project Involution, this Nostalgia Lost Remix of Say A Prayer brings a quickly enjoyable, vintage dance vibe to the stage, adding multiple layers of energy and colour to the song in an unexpectedly effective way.

Despite there being far greater levels of space on the original song, this take on it feels calmer – there was a sense of drama and intensity to the last one, perhaps it was its placement within the album, or perhaps it was the thickness of the drum; even in its brief appearance, it hit with impact. This version of the song sees the musical ambiance take more of a front seat, the lyrics and the melody appearing less poignant, more softly thoughtful, upbeat even – in keeping with the mood of the music. It’s interesting that things turned out this way, that the reworking of the soundscape has affected so strongly how the song is received.

For something that was written at a time of personality difficulty, considering the importance of prayer to other people when it’s something of a strange concept to oneself – the song seems far less emotional in this setting. Instead of the words provoking thought, the music provokes a certain feeling – an aura of possibility and oneness. The way the synths and riffs intertwine and collaborate creates a vast and warm ocean of sound and rhythm that fills the room in a nostalgic, almost eighties-like fashion.

In hindsight, the vocals and the melody here seem perfectly suited to this kind of track. The depth of the voice, the simplicity of the notes within each line – it all feeds into this easy going, minimalist sense of movement. It offers a groove that’s hypnotic, and while it’s not totally free of that thought provoking element, it’s a lot easier to access now. For me, the song feels like a missing hit from the Donnie Darko soundtrack. It works really well, a pleasure to have play for you.

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