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Martin Del Carpio November (Black Rose) Symphonic Episode


Martin Del Carpio’s re-working of the song November (Black Rose), from his album Involutionis a piece that sees the easily familiar vocals and lyrics emerge surrounded by a mildly orchestral and classical feeling ambiance – one that redirects the mood of the song in a fascinating way.

There’s a quickness to the playing here – more notes, more energy, yet still the smooth and delicate essence of the song remains at the centre of the experience. The piece grows to be notably expressive, introducing a brighter and more detailed soundscape as it progresses, and actually evolving to compliment the central feel of the song in a beautiful way. The mildness, as it were, intensifies throughout – the concept and the artist’s leading voice remain prominent, calm but steady and always familiar; the essential threads that make this what it is. Elsewhere though, the music builds and builds, moving from mild to immense and dramatic in a few short minutes.

Musically this reinvention of the song sees Del Carpio veer off in a more organically impressive or passionately skillful direction, letting the strength of the song increase in a gradual manner from start to finish. When you listen effectively, through decent speakers or headphones, the soundscape seems to envelope you more and more so as it moves along.

There’s an overwhelming level of rising energy to it all that’s entrancing to witness. At the same time, you can break it down to the details, if you wish to, and you can locate every new bridge between notes or every new element and riff that has led to this fresh appearance. If the latter is to be true, the song becomes powerful in a totally different way. One approach is to let the sheer escapism embrace you, the other is to sit back in awe as an experienced musician and creative crafts something mesmerizing around you. In both instances, a live performance would be out of this world.

As suggested before, Martin Del Carpio brings something exciting to the music world, this meeting between styles is refreshing and unique to his writing. Find & follow Martin Del Carpio on Facebook & Instagram.

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