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Martin Brothers Dynamite


Martin Brothers are well on their way towards bigger stages with the quality and creativity they offer up on each new release. Their latest single Dynamite speaks volumes for the dedication they’ve put into their craft over the past couple of years. The song is perfectly fit to grace the airwaves globally; a radio-ready, EDM-pop fusion but with just enough flickers of character and identity to help Martin Brothers build a real name for themselves.

Dynamite is an easy hit, vocally strong and melodically infectious so as to leave its central line lingering in the listener’s mind. That underlying concept is quick to connect, the image is bold and works well in making certain you’ll remember and recognise it. Then of course you get the production – the creative package holding it all together and giving it the strength to make waves.

Martin Brothers showcase a clear understanding of musicality and a definite level of skill when it comes to crafting intricate and effective soundscapes. To hear this placed within a mainstream playlist draws no questions at all – it makes sense, it deserves to be there. In addition though, the duo make sure to throw in just enough dashes of nostalgia and personalty to give the song a slight edge. These mildly retro synths and classic-gamer-like flashes are subtle yet detectable by the trained ear; adding something all the more likable to an already satisfying, ear-worm of a pop-dance track.

Dynamite is ready and waiting to embrace the pop world, and Martin Brothers have more than likely got a whole host of new releases and live shows in the pipeline for throughout 2019 and beyond.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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