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MARLOCK The Warrior


Long-revered artist, songwriter and guitarist MARLOCK delivers yet another beautifully unique, engaging and thoughtful release this season – an EP of originals, providing the perfect choice in creative escapism to lighten the weight of the outside world.

The Warrior is a short collection with a mighty output. The songwriting is second to none, and MARLOCK effectively manages to keep things refreshing, interesting, and widely accessible all at once.

Soulful guitar funk leads with an acoustic sense of intimacy and space as Run slowly drifts into the room. Soon enough, the song explodes into life, welcoming a powerful pop-ready hook that’s as conceptually resolving as its satisfying and addictive to take in. There’s a strong sense of progression from one moment to the next, and this lets the song and its story, the unique level of identity in MARLOCK’s tone and delivery, wrap around you in a beautifully distracting way.

A clear level of longing follows as a somewhat theater-ready, emotive and piano-led Hunting For Stars follows on. The build-up is equally cinematic, feeling like the soundtrack to some epic film or stage piece. The melody and the questioning nature of the lyrics, even the use of reverb, the rhythm, all lead us through a boldly neo-classical arena that increasingly envelops.

Enough follows and presents a sort of mildly funky, addictive and anthem-like alternative pop single – feeling a little Cat Empire-inspired in its chorus of voices and the character in the lyrical inflection of the hook.

Then we get a beautifully delicate, hypnotic and intimate Ignite to bring things to a mellow, considerate and breathy finish. Simple yet satisfying, organic guitar-work pairs with short lines of clever lyrics. Once more we also note a striking switch and build-up from the verse to the hook – unexpected drama and passion, musically and vocally, as the concept reaches its ultimate peak. What begins as a softly expressive and personal song, soon evolves to become an epic hit of immersive, all-consuming escapism; complete with strings, creative drum-work, and multiple layers of detail all driving towards the same energy.

Contrast utilized to a sublime degree help make this an absolute highlight, and the perfect way to end this short yet superb new playlist from MARLOCK.

A fascinating and talented musician, artistically walking the line between the accessible mainstream and the ever-intriguing, thought-provoking alternative realms.

EP The Warrior out November 27th. Check out MARLOCK on Facebook & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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