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Marlo London Marlo and Loren Vlog


Vocal identity and dark, minimalist hip hop rhythms unite across a series of vastly streamed releases from Marlo London.

From the grit and hypnotic rhythm of Jump, through the continued audience reach of tracks like Up The Clip, Marlo’s sound is clearly contemporary yet maintains an edge of character throughout each piece.

The latest album The Diamond Tape makes for a fine example in long-form of the creative versatility yet modern touch of the style. From the anthemic pace and whispered personality of London, through collaborative tracks of dynamic and confidence like Room Full Of Trappers and the piano-led, gritty and unpredictable Feelings in Her Veins, the style is relevant yet fearlessly uninhibited in both production and performance.

Prior to this album, the 2020 project My Name Is London ignited a fire in that voice, conjuring interest in the leading identity of Marlo London and consistently racking up streams accordingly.

Since then, integrity has proven a strength, Marlo holding close to the music that connects, and playing freely on the mic regardless as a vocalist and songwriter. Consider the melody and rap meeting throughout Shows and Wildstyle – aptly catchy introductions to an album loaded with earworms.

An entrepreneur in the creative space, by all accounts, Marlo recently started an equally unique and lighthearted Vlog with his wife Loren – Marlo and Loren – showcasing their family lifestyle and various big events in a way that allows fans to connect with the real person behind the music.

Check out the Vlog or follow Marlo on Instagram & Twitter.

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