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Marlhy Young and Naive


An explosive anthem from the helm of a multi-instrumentalist with a clear passion for great songwriting. Drummer and artist Marlhy explores and celebrates the highs, lows, and unique beauty of youth, with the infectious indie rock single Young and Naive.

Featuring an instantly likable bassline and a whole lot of kazoo, Young and Naive pours through with a fine balancing of distorted guitars and electronic production. Meanwhile this accessible, aptly youthful and free-sounding vocal frontline progresses from uncertain and contemplative verses to the fully explosive energy and celebration of the hook.

As this happens, further subtle production choices like vocal distortion and doubling add a bigger sense of presence and togetherness to the song’s peaks, and set in stone its potential to be a mighty crowd pleaser at this year’s live shows. Did someone say festival-ready? Without a doubt.

Already noting over 50k views on YouTube alone, Young and Naive is clearly connecting – this meeting between melodically infectious songwriting, timeless indie rock styling, and the conceptual relatability of the struggle to be seen or understood before you reach 25, all makes for a worthy and brilliantly relevant release. I look forward to catching a Marlhy show soon.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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