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Mark Winters Be There


Mark Winters focuses on bringing his energy back towards those who matter and those he holds close on this single. In doing so, he welcomes his audience to realise the world is always going to be fast-paced, and that we too should celebrate and stay connected with those we love.

Musically, Be There is a pop-rock song with a spacious and rhythmic verse section – which leads seductively up towards a fuller rock sound, a smoothly memorable hook, and a mighty guitar solo that sees a level of grit and energy pour into the mix.

Lyrically the song feels more like a relationship piece, dedicated to a significant other, but thanks to vague detailing and an overall accessible rock vibe, it’s easy to transfer these values and have the song mean whatever you need it to.

As an artist, there’s a certain tone and style to Winters’ vocal delivery. There’s character in the way he crafts his melodies, in his lyrical arrangements, and very much so in the specific sound and rhythm of his voice. Be There makes for a likable and thoughtful introduction to his work, but it also effectively presents a level of identity that listeners are likely to recognise throughout future releases.

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Rebecca Cullen

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