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Mark Vogel & Barry Anderson This is Their Time


Introducing a beautifully heartfelt ode to the soldiers and heroes who gave everything to protect and preserve Western society in the face of war, Mark Vogel and Barry Anderson collaborate for a mighty and emotive This Is Their Time.

Featuring classic pop-rock sentiments and a passionate build up through poetic verses towards the celebratory resolve of the hook, This Is Their Time keeps focus on the beauty of their legacy – the brightness of our time thanks to the sacrifice of theirs, and the lasting presence of their names in line with this.

Aptly released in honour of Veteran’s Day, the single acts as a bold and passionate reminder of the heartbreaking steps that were taken to secure our safety and liberties in the modern world.

Strong leading vocals and a gorgeous choir of additional voices really help light up this new American anthem in a naturally engaging way.

Written with classic pop-rock building blocks and a familiar rise for the chorus, This Is Their Time rightfully maintains a timeless musicality, giving it the strength to be revisited or even remixed, remastered, covered and re-crafted across the coming years.

Single out November 11th. Check out Mark Vogel & Barry Anderson on IG / IG.

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