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Mark Schirmacher Tomorrow


Mark is a big fan of the drone note! It roots the whole song – which, in itself, takes its time to get started.

And it turns out that this is a very smart choice. The drone note, and the choice of sweet, summery chords lulls us into a hypnotic state before the vocal starts. When it does, the melody skillfully cuts across the established rhythm so that we’re immediately drawn into the confessional and conversational nature of the lyrics. And these are delivered in a laid-back way that instantly makes you sit back and assess.

What happens Tomorrow? According to these tired, careful tones, our protagonist is ‘gonna go looking for you’. But is he? Is this one procrastination too far? Wistful, timeless and pretty darn elegant, I don’t think the answer lies within… thank goodness! Potentially, the narrative is an unanswered tale of unrequited love. Why do I feel this way? We need less talk, more action! The character’s not leaving anytime soon! Just like the song doesn’t leave the drone note! If you love to ‘pang’, Tomorrow is for you. It’s always gonna be tomorrow, methinks.

There’s a video available that accompanies this track – and Mark looks pretty tied to his surroundings. He’s not going looking, is he?  By the way, I’m happy to be wrong, if I’ve got it wrong – we all take what we take from songs’ narratives, after all.

The sweet orchestration of the track; the masterful blending of strings and acoustic guitars is reminiscent of singer-songwriters like Boo Hewerdine, erstwhile of The Bible. The percussion elements are a very welcome addition, too – adding a little drive to proceedings – but the major feeling here is one of reflection and contemplation. Dive in and have a soak.

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Chris Porter


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