Maria Dobrinescu - Why Would I? (FYNIX Remix) Feat. Cameron London - Stereo Stickman

Maria Dobrinescu Why Would I? (FYNIX Remix) Feat. Cameron London


Featuring stunning vocals and emotional honesty from Maria Dobrinescu, producer and DJ FYNIX has crafted a brilliantly immersive remix of the single Why Would I?

The remix takes the natural strength and soul of the song, and rebuilds the supporting soundscape in a beautifully complimentary and energizing manner – resulting in a uniquely spacious yet uplifting, infectious new piece, that’s entirely addictive to let play at volume.

The central energy of the song is that which is naturally presented by Maria’s powerful voice and openness regarding the concept. What FYNIX has done is lift those underlying elements up in a genuinely enhancing fashion, keeping things clear-cut, clean and spacious, yet still paving the way for a mighty single; one that satisfies in a sort of electro-swing meets dance-pop manner. What’s great is that FYNIX has made sure to utilize organic instrumentation in a wonderfully interesting way – a rare and commendable trait these days.

In addition, Cameron London’s rap verse makes for the perfect breakaway from the melodic embrace of the song’s hook. The rhythm switch and the change in character and pace works brilliantly in holding your interest and offering a moment of variety, before the ultimate drop back to familiarity hits with all the more impact thanks to this thoughtful structuring.

Showcasing passionate contributions from all involved, the Why Would I? remix is categorically a single worth experiencing. FYNIX has taken the time and consideration to build something from scratch yet that allows the natural soul of the original song to shine with absolute brightness. Beautifully done.

Visit FYNIX’ Website or follow him on Twitter where you can also check out Maria Dobrinescu & Cameron London.

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