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Marcus Christ Shots All Night


Marcus Christ returns this season with heavy bass and a cleanly-mixed, classic rap flow, for Shots All Night.

Backed by intense and melodic production from Marko Lenz, Shots All Night feels like a haunting anthem from a simpler hip hop era – complete with varied inflections, meandering vocal rhythms, and distorted hints of guitar, synth and bass to maintain that late-night edge.

Marcus holds close to a vocal energy that feels almost freestyle-esque and a tad unpredictable on occasion, before resorting to a near-falsetto melodic hook to bring things back to that title concept.

‘Living my life off the deep end’ resounds to wrap things up, and that unsettling yet memorable piano repeat of high keys relentlessly weaves through the mind both during and after the music.

Mildly doubled vocals add to the intensity and passion of Marcus’ delivery, and indeed to the nostalgic impact of the overall mix. It’s a fresh take for the longtime creative, and retains its connection to the underlying topic throughout every verse and detail.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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