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Marcos The Arrow I Got Swagger Now


Forever continuing to raise the bar on behalf of indie creativity, Marcos The Arrow strikes again with a brilliantly unique fusion of elements throughout the poetic, rhythmically infectious and incidentally hooky I Got Swagger Now.

Featuring an aptly stylish performance from the young Tian, the accompanying video helps elevate the track the first time you experience it. At its core though, Marcos The Arrow has crafted an electronic rock anthem of mellow, hypnotic embrace, which is quick to thread its groove and vocal presence through your consciousness.

Retro synths and meandering, nineties-hip-hop style horn riffs meet with a classic rhythm section to warm up the room. Then come more layers of melody, subtle yet effective, and that unmistakable voice, doubled up for an electro-fuzz, with short lines and a clear sense of rising passion before each resolve to the hook.

The whole arrangement feels both simple yet emotionally mighty – the lyrics intrigue, the evolving energy hits the listener in strong supply, the mind wanders, and always we come back to the catchy repeat of that line.

This is the sort of alternative indie music that stands the test of time, interesting and unusual, loaded with identity and professionalism yet carefree in its expression; provocative in its imagery and contemplations. Marcos The Arrow is a master of all of this, and the growing catalogue is consistently shining more light on that.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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