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Marc Sisco Healing Doctor


Introducing a long-tome composer with a unique set of tools and traits at his disposal – Marc Sisco has released a plethora of original recordings in recent years, and in every case the sound-design and melodic adventure promises to conjure up a whole new world of imaginative escapism.

From the 2015 EP The Counselor, Healing Doctor makes for a bold and colourful starting point. The multi-layered track feels much more epic than its humble three-minute lifespan should allow, offering a cascading universe of detail in the form of retro synths, keys, rhythms and rising energy and brightness.

While the sound has a defiant degree of character, there’s also a notable connection to the subject matter – the healing brightness of the topic proving evident in the uplifting and evolving nature of the music. And this connection, this self-awareness, rings true throughout Marc Sisco’s catalogue.

From earlier on, a self-titled album of 2011, Round and Round It Goes showcases similarly creative threads – the unmistakable identity of the artist – but instead focuses on a contrasting fusion of industrial intensities and dreamlike melodies.

Field 17, from the prior album, veers off all the more so, delivering a marching rhythm and an almost cricket-like ambiance to back up a cinematic, dramatic and emotive chord progression and a consistently rising level of anticipation.

As a final example of versatility and commitment to the moment, Oy Yoy Yoy is a fascinating composition, blending all qualities from earlier but gifting a vast and heavy soundscape in the same instance. Heavy bass and distortion, lighter layers of angelic detail for melody, a factory-esque back and forth both structurally and instrumentally.

The mind wanders extensively here, reinforcing the powerful escapism of the artist’s music – and indeed the continuously distinctive air of integrity and style that makes up each of his projects. Hopefully there’s plenty more to come.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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