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MARC ERA Upanishads


Introducing a track with an opening line and evocative production that beautifully set the bar for the depth and contemplation to follow – MARC ERA promises ‘poetic confessions’, as soulful jazz and a smoky set of visuals guide us into Upanishads.

Instantly intriguing for this kind of world-music arrangement of mellow horns and a chilled rhythm, Upanishads proves equally interesting for the clear vulnerability and openness of MARC ERA as he starts to rap.

We begin with a spoken-word style flow, in keeping with the honesty of the writing and these poetic implications, and later we rise up into a passionate outpouring of personal reflections; which feel decidedly individual, yet also profoundly relatable in their accessing of the complexities of the human psyche.

It’s a gripping set of bars, clever rhymes but more a sense of urgency and increasing desperation and angst, as the performance proceeds to captivate with clarity, confidence, and grit.

Upanishads – a Hindu reference, a sacred text, presented here as a free flowing Hip Hop single. The track is retro, almost feeling like a slept-on indie performance from a simpler time. Perhaps then MARC ERA is the perfect name, for an artist who is fearlessly himself at the helm, entering a new era of thought, and whom delivers the same sense of carefree realism and connection through the unfiltered raw visuals of the accompanying video.

There’s a ton of depth to Upanishads, an plethora of striking scenes and metaphors to unpack as we roll through, and meanwhile the music seeks to calm the soul – opposing forces luring you in deeper and deeper as the walls of these thoughts immerse you.

‘Poetic confessions’ is so brilliantly appropriate, and Upanishads is a fascinating track – one that holds attention intensely and raises the pulse just subtly as we make our way through the full set-up. Then suddenly we ‘awake in a dream to the reality’, and silence ensues; leaving us to ponder all that came to be.

Great vibes; purposeful and engaging, original – an artist unlike many others currently active on the scene. MARC ERA has me hooked. I looked forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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