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Marc Boudreau 4EV3R


Catchy melodies, poetic and dreamy lyrics, and a strong underlying groove make up the quickly satisfying sound of Marc Boudreau’s latest gem of a single.

From sultry to passionate vocals, 4EV3R manages to blend the bluesy stomp of organic sound-design with a more notably memorable pop edge. The track is organic by nature, and the voice is cleanly-mixed and all the more impressive in this genuine setting.

It’s a stylish release, well-mixed and infectious from the outset – increasingly so each time that seductive hook falls into place. At its core this is a romantically-rooted, contemporary love song. However, on the outside this anthemic, folk-rock uplift recrafts the classic mode, and that brings about a refreshing twist on the expected.

Celebrating love and longevity, with a mighty middle-8 fall-away that effectively kicks up the perfect bounce when things drop back into view, 4EV3R is a brilliantly timeless single, well-written and faultlessly performed. Absolutely worth a few spins whenever the world gets a little heavy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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