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Mannis Somebody Like You


Songwriter and artist Mannis leads with sublime vocals and pristine sound design throughout his upcoming EP Somebody Like You.

Featuring a handful of already released singles, the music speaks volumes on behalf of both professionalism and passion when it comes to crafting fresh and appealing new pop music.

Last Night makes for a great starting point – rhythmically uplifting, organic pop draws you in from the offset. Add in some gorgeously smooth, raspy yet softly soulful vocals, which rise up through the evolving melody with ease, and the result is an easy pop classic with a bright sense of nostalgia and intimacy.

Standby takes the organic sound even further, sliding into view with blissful electric guitar work and plenty of space. Immediately there’s a sense of this being a live delivery – you can hear the authenticity in the upfront, crisp recording style. Even the harmonies seem ideal and help build a stronger sense of warmth as things progress.

Bring in a contemporary clap for a beat, a few bass notes, and a soundscape that again builds up beautifully, and the song proves an addictively catchy progression that grips for its lyrical honesty and relatability all at once.

Mannis has a certain way with scene-setting, offering songs that feel deeply personal yet also vague enough to seem accessible to a broad range of listeners, and this is what allows these melodically addictive releases to connect in a lasting way.

In addition, his vocals are faultless – smooth and clearly capable of performing at either end of the melodic spectrum; whether passion or softness is required.

The upcoming EP is set to be one that fits well within the modern pop landscape, but also introduces a refreshing thread of songwriting, and some genuinely new, recognizable hooks for pop fans to indulge in. Really nicely done.

Grab the EP from October 16th. Check out Mannis on Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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