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Mando Stay True


Backed by a handful of original singles and projects, from the soulful good vibes of Roll With Me, through the heavy impact and personal revelations of 2022’s album The Breakout, rapper and artist Mando continues to move from strength to strength as an unrivalled indie.

Offering classic hip hop flavours and organic instrumentation united with melody and purpose, The Breakout welcomed tracks like the beautifully alluring You And I, the familiar riffs and catchy energy of A Couple Questions, and the depth and reflection of lyrically unparalleled gems like Deep End. Weave in the more laid-back anthems like Play For Keeps, and versatility proves yet another quality of the style.

Bringing storytelling and flow to the forefront in unison with a refreshingly organic, timeless musicality, the Mando sound is quickly gaining recognition, and the new single Stay True speaks volumes on behalf of why.

Featuring that unmistakable vocal rasp and faultless rhythm as a guiding light, Stay True elevates the mood of the room with ease.

Emerging complete with a simple set of visuals, live-performance captured against a beautiful backdrop of the natural world, it’s clear to see how captivating and skilful Mando is as a rapper and indeed an artist; carving out a creatively engaging pathway within the modern scene.

Stay True is heartfelt and inspiring at its core, and achieves this without sacrificing authenticity or integrity. On the contrary, Mando delves into his story and the world around him in a manner that’s both gritty and fearlessly honest. Realness is key, and while his verses hold the listener closely, enthralled in the details and the struggle, the hook ultimately resolves and satisfies in a memorable and relatable way.

Blend this with the uniquely simple yet striking soundscape and beat, a bold step away from the current sound of mainstream hip hop, and Mando is undoubtedly on to something worthwhile.

Absolutely worth the time it takes to listen, particularly if conscious and clever, humble yet effective hip hop at the highest tier is something you’ve been craving lately.

Look out for the next release Don’t Holla Back, coming March 31st. Check out all things Mando here or find him on Apple Music, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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