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Man Called Noon Everybody Move


Everybody Move has the perfect kind of energy to really meet and match that sentiment suggested by the title. The music has an underlying smoothness by which everything comes through as connected and with warmth, yet there’s a definite high pace to it all that seems to rise and rise in intensity as the song progresses.

The leading vocal busts into life almost immediately and barely ceases to perform from there on in. The melody is the sort that sinks in the instant you hear it, the notes descending in short bursts yet the whole thing ascending as a unit towards this bright and bold climax. The drums have a manic sense of passion about them that carries the rhythm and overall vibe of the track with relevant excitement and urgency. The same goes for every bit of instrumentation involved actually, particularly those collaborating voices that come into pay in the final few moments. The song reaches this peak at which the colourful energy of the music is at an all time high and the whole thing just hits you in the way that any great musical piece designed to make you move really should.

At just under five minutes long the track has the structure and consistency to keep you interested throughout, yet it feels like it hits, surrounds you, and then leaves, in no time at all. So you listen again, you start to gather up those lyrics, and you start to connect with the inherent emotion and joy of it all. That leading voice has the nostalgic indie warmth of so many classics from way back when, carrying the melody with ease and relevance and making you feel quite welcome within the mix. Well worth a listen or three.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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