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Malripken Pain On Me


Malripken‘s new single kicks in with a pristine level of clarity and classic weight united. Featuring upfront vocals with a distinct sense of emotional depth, not hiding behind effects but holding close to the underlying passion and honesty of the lyrics, Pain On Me is every bit as real and intentional as the title implies.

Introducing a classic hip hop beat with a contemporary warmth in the distant progression and aptly down-pouring chords from producer E-dobeats, Pain On Me sets a reflective and thoughtful mood with ease, and Malripken’s voice proves immediately captivating as its strikes with a certain humble or quiet yet compelling confidence.

The verses hold attention for their scene-setting, the poignancy and truthfulness of the lyrics, and the hook resolves in a satisfying, calmly anthem-like fashion.

The whole thing makes for an emotional progression, addictive for its focus on smiling through struggle, uplifting yet understanding in its openness. With each new poetic appearance of the hook, the more strongly the entire concept and mood of the track connects.

A personal favourite from Malripken so far, and a strong contender for reigniting the nostalgic, original energy and purity of hip hop.

Produced by E-dobeats. Check out Malripken on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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