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Malripken Flex on Em


Kicking into gear with an aptly hard-hitting, classic beat, a haunting overtone but a uniquely crafted riff, Malripken’s Flex On Em proceeds to tick even more boxes in terms of the confidence and energy implied by its title.

Leading with up-front vocals, clarity and volume, the track feels instantly relentless yet still showcases a few mellow flows and notable changes in style. It’s a versatile performance, often leaning into some fast wordplay that takes a second listen at the very least to grasp every reference.

A classic hip hop track, by all accounts – somewhat minimalist, contemporary in its clean finish and the unusual nature of the leading riff, but inspired by the simple hits that stood tall on the back of vocal confidence and a strong ability to freestyle.

Malripken keeps the concept the forefront, making sure to either talk about achievements or showcase them by means of an impressive delivery every step of the way. These are the threads designed to energize and inspire, and there’s a certain authenticity and realness to the sound of the voice, his connection to the lyrics, that lets it all connect in a more intense way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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