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Malea HERO


Malea merges powerful pop songwriting with cinematic soundscape building on this latest single Hero. Feeling like a hit fresh from the latest action movie, maybe even a Bond flick, the song gathers momentum gradually – introducing the artist’s softness initially, before rising up and increasing that colour and intensity in a mighty fashion.

From the offset, a simple acoustic guitar is picked to introduce the song. This moment feels a little more Metallica than anything folk or pop driven, but perhaps that’s a personal observation. As the song builds, the rhythm section comes into play, and Malea’s breathy vocals offer an outpouring of dedication and loving reflection. Throughout this opening verse you can feel the energy building, the concept is reaching its peak, its resolve, and so when the hook finally hits it seems like a totally natural progression – a genuine and rightful end to the process.

After that initial structure has made itself familiar, the second verse brings back the fall-away yet welcomes you into the moment – the music holds onto a certain fullness, the journey feels full swing and you’re undoubtedly involved in it now. Malea’s vocals stretch even further from here on in, the song depends upon it, and she absolutely delivers.

It’s an easy melody to remember – the rise and the fall – yet it comes through with just enough of those original traits to give it a new identity and purpose. The bridge introduces a totally unexpected moment of variation, toyed with vocals add an unsettling layer of creativity and lead again with originality towards the song’s final hook; that ultimate moment of weight and majesty.

Malea’s writing, her performance and the production alike all work brilliantly in favour of making this an easy song to appreciate and escape within.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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