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MAKADELIC Bless Me When I’m Dead


MAKADELIC takes on a dark and mellow beat for this hard-hitting and conceptually thoughtful new single. Offering up precisely the depth and perspective implied by the title, Bless Me When I’m Dead brings through a fairly classic beat, rooted in the vibes from hip hop just a decade or two ago – a fitting ode, being that the track is dedicated to Tupac Shakur. Various lyrical references within lay out the catalogue of work that influenced the writing of this release. On top of that, MAKADELIC’s vocal tone and style of delivery undoubtedly add a level of character – something to draw you in, to recognise the piece by.

MAKADELIC’s performance on this track introduces a surprisingly jagged and intentionally short rhythm – the pattern of the bars, the fragments and words that storm through, almost playing the role of an additional riff, create a sense of unexpected urgency. This is, however, contrasted quite significantly by that mellow pace and the laid-back energy of the track – the way it progresses, not building up but maintaining a secure level of purpose and power. What the delivery unites with though, is the song’s underlying concept – you tune in a little more intently, trying to pick out each word and ultimately each phrase that defines the track’s story-line. This is where you can either get closer to the artist behind the music, or find something to connect with that’s relevant to your own life and your role within the world.

MAKADELIC has managed to balance a fairly classic and thus appealing hip hop sound, with just enough of that unpredictable, personality-driven style to make certain the single grabs attention; and it should, there’s thought to the writing, there’s a broader issue at work than the majority of simpler ideas offered up in much of mainstream rap music right now. There’s always value in music that thinks outside the box. Hopefully MAKADELIC has a few more tracks in the pipeline.

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