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Major Moment Toxic


When worlds collide, the euphoric and dreamy embrace of ambient synths and the distortion, passion and pace of metal – Major Moment unite delicacy and weight, for the beautiful and impressive Toxic.

From atmospheric and vast sound-design through nearly-whispered vocal sentiments, Toxic consistently asserts itself as an artistic representation of underlying feelings and ideas.

The sound is familiar yet fresh, the voice expressive and fitting though original in character and soul. As we evolve through moments of calm to those of chaos and rhythmic, anthemic volume, that voice commands the space with faultless precision. So too do the surrounding instruments – the band’s unity unrivaled as they move from moments of stillness to those of intensity, ferocity and pace.

Partly an emo punk-pop offering from a simpler era, sometimes an enchanting electronic realm, otherwise a new-rock anthem ready and waiting to be experienced in the live setting – the finely-crafted single Toxic introduces Major Moment as boldly devoted to their sound, skill and intentions as a band. I look forward to hearing more.

Single out April 26th. Find Major Moment on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram & their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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