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Maini Sorri You Are On My Mind


Following the bold eclecticism of her album Bring Me HomeMaini Sorri returns to release yet another creatively unique single. You Are On My Mind is a notably smoother and more spacious, mellow offering than much of what came before. The ambiance brings together delicate pop vibes with just a few dashes of rock in the form of an intermittently appearing, distorted guitar part – adding a flicker of intensity to help heighten the emotion of certain melodic moments.

From a songwriting perspective, this is one of the most memorable melodies of Sorri’s to date. There’s a classically folk-like feel to the progression, these long-form lines rise up and descend in a familiar, comforting fashion. As always, Maini Sorri’s characterful voice delivers with ease, suiting the gentle mood in a flawless way. Where before her voice presented a distinctive contrast with the intensity around it, here the soundscape and the vocals pour through as a more secure unit of singular expression; creating something of a settled and widely accessible vibe. This opens the song up to a wider audience – it’s an easy piece to let play as you go about your normal life.

Lyrically the release is a stunning poetic ode to a lost relative. Barbro Norberg writes on the passing of her father in a commendable way, bringing through heart-breaking ideas but also a strong focus on the positives – the good memories, the togetherness. Maini Sorri’s gentle voice lets the lyrics shine brightly throughout, yet without becoming the only focus of your attention as might be the case with a classic pop song. There’s an Enya-like feel to the presentation, the voice drives as if simply another instrument, so the collaboration just works. It sounds pleasant in itself, and should you choose to listen a little more intently – the concept reaches out to connect in a very pure and relatable way.

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