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Maini Sorri Through Teary Eyes (Official Music Video)


Reflecting on regret, having let someone go who you perhaps shouldn’t have, Maini Sorri’s new single Through Teary Eyes could be the perfect accompaniment to much of the longing and melancholy that is swamping many an isolated individual’s heart at present.

It’s not a song designed to make you sad – far from it – but the lyrics and of course the title do indeed reflect on sadness; ‘there’s no grin above this chin… I surmise, through teary eyes’. It’s a relatable sentiment, unfortunately, and the way Maini has tackled it is as unique as ever.

There’s such an optimistic and bright sound to this release, not least of all in the rising up and up of the hook melody, that if the lyrics weren’t in your native tongue, I don’t doubt you’d assume it was a happy, hopeful song.

As always, Maini’s voice is easy to distinguish from the crowd, and her pop-rock manner of composition gives the track an organic boldness that helps keep everything very real and honest. Furthermore, the rise of the hook, the length of that rise, and the rhyme pattern within the melody, all makes certain it lingers with you long after listening. Effective songwriting, kept widely relevant yet still loaded with identity.

Download the single via Bandcamp. Find & follow Maini Sorri on Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram & Twitter or visit her Website.

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