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Maini Sorri Someday Vol. 3


Maini Sorri’s upcoming album Someday Vol. 3 compiles a collection of original pop-inspired songs from across the past decade. Love Bubble kicks things off and is the only previously unreleased song on the project, a heartfelt and colourful love song that introduces the album with a sense of warmth and optimism.

You Are On My Mind follows the opener and leads with a touch of organic instrumentation amidst an otherwise indie-pop and synth driven playlist. Maini Sorri’s voice is fairly unmistakable at this point – having heard her music in several different settings, her voice has a certain quality and level of character that always adds identity to her music; whatever the genre or style.

Despite the eclecticism, there’s a traditional thread throughout the project that holds the songs together. Someday is a definite early highlight and underlines that traditional or classic vibe really well – a melodically satisfying, descending verse paves the way towards a quicker rhythm for the hook; a moment that’s easily memorable and resolves beautifully.

As the album continues, changing moods and story-lines help hold your attention. Poetic imagery and Maini’s ever-meandering, expressive melodies work well together in every case. I Shouldn’t Have Trusted You exemplifies this connection in a bold way – poetic and joyful verses are contrasted by a regretful hook; both the music and the lyrics showcase this. Oh Echo follows on and injects an acoustic melancholy into the process and some gorgeous guitar work. Another highlight for the progression and build-up throughout.

Only A Memory kicks up the pace and adds a subtle level of electronic funk. Meanwhile, reflective and honest lyrics reach out to connect in a lasting way. The variety and the crisp finish throughout this album helps make it perhaps the strongest and most engaging release of Maini Sorri’s yet – something that proves to be increasingly likely the further into the playlist you get.

During the latter half, Awoken Heartbroken is a slow burner but one worth sticking with for the uplifting evolution that takes place. Please Go Away (Rock Remix) afterwards offers a striking moment of grit and musical strength that works really well where it is. Dreamworld then mellows things out but offers a beautiful gathering of voices and a poetic intention that captivates. I Am Leaving later on is an ambient dream, perfectly calming as the soundscape rains down around you – another highlight for its meditative aura and a feeling of strength and overcoming.

The closing song on the album is one that melodically rises and falls in a classic Maini Sorri manner, finishing things off with deeply reflective thoughts and a blissful musicality. The mood changes throughout as the story-line pours through, effectively summarizing or concluding the entire experience. A pleasant way to end what is easily one of Maini’s most enjoyable releases to date. An artist with an unwaveringly unique approach to music right now. Always a pleasure to listen to.

Download or stream the album as of June 3rd. Find & follow Maini Sorri on Facebook, Soundcloud, InstagramTwitter or visit her Website.

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