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Maini Sorri Shiny Eyes


From her brand new album Shiny Eyes Vol. 2, released May 16th, Maini Sorri delivers the single and video for the title-track Shiny Eyes – a high-octane, euphoric dance-pop track with Maini’s unmistakable voice at the forefront.

Instantly uplifting for its ethereal fusion of synths and relentless rhythms, Shiny Eyes goes on to further that pace and brightness with long-form verses reflecting on love and adoration from afar.

The melody is easily one of Maini Sorri’s most notable to date, an extensive rise and fall for the verses paving the way brilliantly towards the resolve of an easily catchy and passionate hook. We even get a significant build-up for the true euphoric evolution just when it’s needed.

Featuring equal parts retro detailing on the instrumental front and clean, contemporary recording, Shiny Eyes celebrates unity and adoration with a floor-filler presence and a generally infectious sense of positivity.

Another ode to the power of collaboration, the music of Shiny Eyes was written by Sweden’s Maini Sorri, the lyrics by USA songwriter Gary Cornman, and the instrumentation is by Carsten Lehmann, of Germany.

Download the album Shiny Eyes Vol.2. via Bandcamp. Check out Maini Sorri on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, Instagram & Soundcloud.

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