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Maini Sorri Just Let Me Sing


Organic and colourful musicianship and production guides us beautifully into the optimistic groove and celebration of Maini Sorri’s Just Let Me Sing.

The set-up is brilliant, instantly enjoyable for its energy and live-style yet cleanly-mixed presentation, with strong rhythms and clear instrumental layers from the guitars and piano.

Then we get Maini’s easily recognisable voice, the leading factor in a song committed to its own longing for the liberty of singing. It makes its way through a looping web of lyrics – repeating the title but also weaving in subtle hints of further contemplation and self-belief; “I can do anything… My step now has a spring… Let us fight for better days for everyone.” The result is an overall ode to unity and appreciating the simple blessings of life.

Written for a songwriting competition in America, the good vibes of Just Let Me Sing are naturally uplifting – capturing affection from the outset and no doubt laying the foundation for a strong audience response.

Featuring an accompanying video depicting the joy of friendship and freedom within the world, Just Let Me Sing devotes itself wholeheartedly to its title-concept. There’s a broader metaphorical undertone to those words, and as the verses and visuals emerge, that depth and gleeful gratitude shines all the more brightly.

Music by Maini Sorri, Lyrics by Gary Cornman and Maini Sorri. Arranged, mixed and mastered by Sundown Sessions Studio, Nashville, USA. Artwork picture by Johan Zetterlund.

Download Just Let Me Sing via Bandcamp. Check out Maini Sorri on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, Instagram & Soundcloud.

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