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Maiki T Heaven’s Reception


Songwriter and artist Maiki T brings through the depths of his writing and the brightness of his musicality with confidence and flair, for the new project Heaven’s Reception.

Beginning with the dreamy arrangement of title-track Heaven’s Reception, and the instant intrigue of the opening line ‘Nobody dies anymore’, the project is quick to assert Maiki T’s unique style as both songwriter and vocalist.

The tone and character prove unmistakable, and the conceptual mystique of the writing meets with these huge melodies and ethereal soundscapes in a way that’s effectively immersive for the listener.

On the songwriting front, it’s primarily the short, snappy lines that allow the eight originals of Heaven’s Reception to act as worthy ear-worms. Underneath this, however, the revelation and humanity of the topics add a juxtaposing darkness that provokes deeper thought – the likes of Past Life making for a fine example. Here we’re gifted a celebratory arrangement, uplifting and bright, with hints of contemplation that help connect things to the overall inspiration for Heaven’s Reception.

Sometimes is another example, vulnerability and optimism walking hand in hand, with near-distorted production leaning towards euphoric, arena-ready power.

We’re almost in Oliver Tree territory for the hooky writing and personality, but ultimately Maiki T weaves a notably independent, purposeful web of wonder with Heaven’s Reception, and it gives the work a clear identity of its own.

Download or stream Heaven’s Reception. Find Maiki T on Instagram.

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