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Magnitude 7 Rap In Poetry


Driving with absolute character, individuality, and a notably conscious approach to lyricism and songwriting, Magnitude 7 is a hip hop artist with a unique style and set of intentions to his music.

Everlasting Brotherhood makes for a fine introduction, an unexpectedly colourful, almost pop-rock-like soundscape accompanies the artist’s quickly recognisable leading voice as he weaves a story-line set on reminding listeners to appreciate those they hold close; time is fleeting, and the inevitable end hits with often unbearable impact.

Unity With The Center Sun sees experimental production lead the way all the more-so – an even more thoughtful, detailed and scene-setting string of lyrics paint poetic and deeply contemplative images and ideas around you. While the sound is fairly raw, it gives the playlist an authentic, home-made vibe that reinforces the personal truth at the heart of the writing.

You Are The Center Of My Being sees Magnitude 7 delve back into the personal story-telling, allowing listeners to get a little more insight and build a stronger connection. Further retro synths rain down in a light and optimistic manner. Occasionally the references veer off into unfamiliar territory, walking a questionable line between clarity and arbitrary thought, but again this seems to become a common trait of the artist’s writing style. Firefly offers a similar set of mannerisms, alongside some more familiar references to the world and its darkness.

Magnitude 7 consistently puts in a passionate and almost theatrical performances, leading with passion and unwavering confidence.

Secret And Truth welcomes a touch of melody and an acoustic guitar, a beautiful moment of respite with a simple, satisfying and accessible set-up that’s comforting and uplifting to listen to. Poetic lines like knowledge is water and cemetery of innocence stand a little taller in this more minimalist setting.

Expression leads with another likable soundscape, a distant vocal and a sense of rising anticipation and energy. Then Golden Words offers a sci-fi-like touch of retro sound-play and a classic yet light hip hop beat. The vocals are further away in the mix again, so the music works to the best of its abilities while certain considerate phrases echo into your consciousness.

Ripe The Fruit kicks in with a heavy distorted synth wave and a lower toned, intimate vocal that tells a step-by-step story to quickly intrigue. You start to get a sense that these tracks would work well with visual accompaniments, even as a stage show of some sort.

WiseFool strives on the strength of juxtaposition, both lyrically and musically. A heavy beat is contrasted by an experimental soundscape and a series of energizing drops from calm to intensity, quiet to volume. Something of a musical highlight, with an EDM core and a clear potential for remix.

Push Yourself Up From The Gravity sees things finish on a mighty hit of conceptual depth and intention. A unique soundscape once again, and a sense of possibility and personal strength. Magnitude 7 leads with the implications of his own artist name, inspiring action and self-belief, offering a plethora of energy and optimism. A bold and memorable way to go out. Undoubtedly an artist unconfined by any particular genre or art-form – creativity and expression are consistently at the centre of the experience.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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