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Maggie Baugh Fire Me Up


Maggie Baugh fuses the stylish grit of distorted country rock with the melodic sensibilities of pop on this latest single. Fire Me Up is everything the title promises, a big hit with a worthy build up and an explosive drop – a moment that contrasts brilliantly with what came before. At the same time, the song introduces Maggie’s unique vocal style in a memorable way. The vowel pronunciation and the length of the notes pay tribute to performance styles that once made waves in the pop and country worlds.

Meanwhile, the set-up continues to work its magic – organic instrumentation impresses at every step, maintaining a big-band vibe that could easily translate to the stage to offer a mighty moment of high energy and togetherness. Complete with hints of electric guitar and banjo alike, the whole thing skillfully walks the line between genres, leading with a strength of musicality and songwriting above all else.

The song’s title underlines the effect you get from it in a fitting way – this is a quickly recognizable pop classic with a definite air of familiarity that’s quick to satisfy. In the same instance, it brings through an artist with a slightly new style, and a flawless ability to easily meander through the complex melodies of just about any kind of song.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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