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Magazine Gap What’s That About?


This track and live-style video swept us off our feet a little when we first discovered it. It’s so great to hear and see a band just doing what they do; skillfully, soulfully, and without anything fake or over the top.

Video aside for a moment; this is such a musically satisfying song. Every role played seems to add the perfect little moments, building a truly beautiful yet minimal soundscape within which you can lose yourself for a while. There’s an underlying sound of jazz in the music, the piano riffs and rhythms, the horn sections, yet on top of all this – you’re likely to be really drawn in by that leading vocal. There’s an emotional warmth to it, but there’s also an inherrent smartness and style – brilliantly in keeping with the overall feel of the music.

At times, I was reminded a little of the classic song writing and performance style of Tracy Chapman; an unexpected comparison, but definitely a prominent positive once you’ve heard it. Of course, the song itself has a huge amount of freshness to it – it’s something brand new to be addicted to for a while. The style feels comfortable, established, flawlessly built – as mentioned, every element plays it’s part just right, so the final mix is utterly smooth and stylish to it’s very core.

What’s That About is a fantastic song, by all accounts; you can hear it as something new, something underground, alternative, only available to the audience who truly knows what they are looking for, but at the same time – this wouldn’t be all that out of place on an acoustic pop record. The melody and that hook line are instantly memorable, and the song itself can sink into your head space without you even knowing. Then, once you’re involved, you start to really listen – and that’s when you fall for the beauty of those riffs; the varying melodies played by each instrument, and that effortless lead vocal, just pouring the song over you like cold water on a hot day.

Magazine Gap are a clearly experienced and talented band. They come at this with a wonderful combination of skill and creativity; you can trust what they do to be of a high quality, and you can also sit back and listen to this great new sound they’re creating. You can sort of feel what they’re feeling when you listen, which is beautiful; you can tell they make music purely because they love to make music. A really exciting band, under what is actually quite a striking name – one you won’t forget any time soon. Get involved.

Magazine Gap – James Keen, Alex Ho, and Brian McCook. A band to look out for, without a doubt. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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