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Magazine Gap In Two Minds


It’s not often that a song leaves me with any concerns when it comes to putting together a write up, but in the case of this newest release from Magazine Gap, I was left with a little trepidation as to whether or not I could actually do it justice.

It’s important to talk about music, to share it around, but it’s far more important to simply appreciate and enjoy it, and that’s exactly what I recommend that you do. Having listened to a number of tracks from the band by now, and returning to their music several times over the past year, I can say with great confidence that In Two Minds is not merely on par with everything we’ve come to love about the band’s sound, but in fact, is something of a masterpiece.

It’s no secret that they know how to write great songs, and their musical abilities are always flawless, always skillful – this much has been said before regarding Body Language and What’s That About – but in the case of this latest song, something pretty magical has surfaced.

The song is an instant classic, by all accounts – the instrumentation is everything it needs to be, mellow for the low key moments, bigger as the energy increases. As always, Magazine Gap offer creativity and experience in equal, enjoyable doses. Much more than this though, James Keen’s leading vocal is sensational, and this song really shows the unique beauty of it. The melody chosen has given the artist room to fully express the lyrical sentiment with superb style, and with the perfect amount of passion, and it works incredibly well.

The verse melody in itself is gorgeous, a little bit of a country and soul kind of vibe, tinted with the gentle bliss of the piano and the distant strings. As the chorus comes into play, the mood changes, the emotion rises, and with each of these moments the music is completely connected to the essence of the song, and it really takes hold of you. The chord change to the chorus is notable, but the musical build up, the subsequent fall back, the performances – it’s everything at once that makes this evolution so striking.

In Two Minds is a stunning song. It seems impossible at this point for the guys of Magazine Gap to ever disappoint, and what’s more, these songs are the sort that you can return to again and again; forever there for you, to satisfy your need for great and genuine music. Well worth experiencing if you haven’t yet.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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