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Magazine Gap For The Ride


Long-time favourites Magazine Gap prove once again that they can’t write a bad song. It’s been a while, but immediately that lead voice and this spacious, thoughtful and finely crafted soundscape refresh all memories of the unique style and sentiments that consistently come through from the band.

For The Ride is a great tune, subtle riffs and a certain melodic intrigue that satisfies accompany an easy groove and a series of compelling, intimate references. In addition, the melody here is superb, this long-form verse takes the smooth route initially, followed by this moment of quicker vocal play that builds further on the song’s naturally addictive flow. I was actually reminded a little of James Blunt on this one, a quality I hadn’t noticed before. That’s not the insult the internet likes to think it is. A great songwriter, with a quickly recognizable voice and writing style.

For The Ride offers a really likable hook. That outcry of ‘I’, followed by each and every declaration, showcases a sudden passion and power that hadn’t been expected. The final moments in particular reinforce this to a mighty degree.

Brilliant, another timeless classic. Everything I’ve heard from Magazine Gap has the strength and subtlety to stand the test of the ages. Their somewhat humble, authentic approach is always refreshing in a world of largely methodical, results-driven artistry.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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