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Magazine Gap Body Language


London trio Magazine Gap have been skilfully and charismatically paving their way through the alternative music scene in recent months. At the start of June we took an in depth look at the gorgeous track and video for What’s That AboutWe fell in love with the band’s stylish take on multi-genre rock, their smooth and hypnotic riffs, and their memorable use of melody – not to mention that signature voice. This time, the band return with a beautifully melodic and instantly classic sounding song, reminding us of everything we first loved about them – and so much more.

The idea of using body language to communicate is a wonderful concept to consider, and something we all experience and take part in. This could potentially make it difficult to put in to words quite how effective the song is, given that there are better ways to highlight a positive reaction to music – but it’s such a well written track, that there’s plenty to talk about, and lots more to sit back and enjoy.

The song has a fairly minimalist style to it, in terms of the instrumentation, and so, quite appropriately – the music makes it’s point via very few singular elements. It’s clever, to say the least, and it sounds cool; easy to listen to, reflective, and peaceful. The guitar riff that runs during the intro and intermittently throughout the track, is a good example of a fairly minimalist element; it’s quite simple, in theory, but brilliantly effective. The same goes for those jazz infused piano chords and that rhythm. You’ll remember the sound, and so you’ll know the song as soon as you hear the intro; it’s immediately familiar, it gets inside your mind – the starting point of so many great songs.

The whole band-sound in this instance sort of fuses the atmosphere of a smokey jazz club with that of an acoustic singer songwriter, which is rare, but makes it really easy to relate to. As mentioned previously, they’re undoubtedly a band that are within the reach of a number of different audiences, and that’s a wonderful quality to possess.

Last time I listened to Magazine Gap, I noticed a wonderful touch of Tracy Chapman in the sound. This time, I noticed so much more – this voice is simply beautiful in it’s own right. James Keen’s leading vocal is a really special part of what gives this band such a unique sound. It’s loaded with character and charm, there’s a warmth that comes with the performance, and that’s really comforting to listen to.

On top of all of this, there’s an undeniable connection between all three members of Magazine Gap, and that’s one of the main reasons these live-style performance videos are so captivating. There’s a consistent level of control and skill within their music, but perhaps more importantly – this musical perfection, as it were, does not interrupt the underlying groove that is inherent in the band’s sound and performance. The vibes the band give out are the very essence of what music is about. It makes you feel something, it affects you, changes and hopefully improves your moment, perhaps your entire day. And this is exactly what Magazine Gap seem to encapsulate.

Their love of music is clear, and that’s something you can’t fake – not believably at least. The band do what they do with great precision, but precision is something that comes with practice. Passion, on the other hand, is something far more deep rooted. It passes on to audiences who witness it, and it makes for a much more momentous and memorable occasion. It stretches the meaning of the music much further than the reach of the lyrics.

Body Language is a superb example of this, of music being an extension of ideas, an expression of feelings and emotions that can’t always be explained away with words. It’s a fantastic second coming for the band, and it underlines how much more there will be to look forward to as they continue to perform and progress with their sound.

Download the brand new track Body Language for free over on Soundcloud. As always, you can show your support and stay up to date with the band over on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

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