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MADYX Girl Boy


Girl Boy is an infectious pop-fusion single that energetically celebrates androgyny within a colourful and rhythmically addictive gathering of music and melody. The song actually feels a little more pop-rock than purely electronic, particularly towards the end – the warmth and the full sound of the ambiance builds up and up, creating a well-produced arena of audio around you – in the way that any quickly memorable pop track should.

MADYX – AKA artist and guitarist Michelle Blanchard – is no stranger to songwriting, and this latest release does everything it needs to in order to reach as wide an audience as possible. The song brings together professional performance and production, creativity, passion, and a topic that’s increasingly finding itself at the forefront of modern life. You only need to hear this once to know that you’ll recognise it the next time around.

The more you witness it, the more you notice the progression or evolution throughout. The production is really impressive, what begins as a totally joyful pop song becomes something much edgier – notably paying tribute to the likes of No Doubt and other freely creative, pop-rock-punk crossover artists. The soundscape grows more intense, heavier, and always the rhythm of the leading voice ties in perfectly with that which surrounds and supports it. In addition, the lines seem well chosen – painting a clear and quite captivating string of ideas. I was reminded briefly of the Blur hit of a similar nature, from way back when, but stylistically this is something else entirely.

Girl Boy grows more enjoyable each time it plays through, as is the calling card of an effective, widely popular song. It speaks to today’s world in a relevant way, but it also utilizes the moment and the building blocks required to create a musical experience that uplifts and inspires – even motivates. The track has an energizing vibe to it, increasingly so as it pours through. Expect to hear a lot more from MADYX over the coming years.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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