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Madeline Rosene Drunk Text


Madeline Rosene’s Drunk Text is a song that needs listening to in full to really get the message and appreciate the singer’s fusion of honesty and carefree expression. If you judge it a little too quickly, you’re likely to lump it in with a lot of basic pop releases, but in reality – Rosene’s approach to creativity and music is one of a notably laid back, no-fucks-given sort of vibe. Which is actually quite refreshing to witness.

In temporary contrast with that creative edge, however, this particular song of course deals with the opposite trait – the idea being that it’s totally OK for you to go out by yourself and drink and have fun without me; provided you at least give me the benefit of being your chosen recipient when it comes to drunk texting. The further you get into the song, the more surprises Rosene throws into the mix, lyrically and performance wise, and the more the story veers off down its own unpredictable pathway.

Once you’ve heard this in full, the main thing you take away from Madeline Rosene’s sound and style is that she aims to make music that’s fun – she offers a laid back approach to artistry, not afraid to put herself out there and say whatever the hell she wants to say. The word fun is key, but at the heart of it – this song presents a fair bit of truth that I’m sure many listeners will relate to. Furthermore, it’s not the kind of truth you tend to get in pop music these days.

Drunk Text is a colourful, energetic piece of music and performance. The song – along with the accompanying video – introduces the artist in an intriguing way. It will be interesting to hear what else she comes through with over the coming months and years.

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