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Maddie Lynn Speed Zone


The unmistakable sound of Maddie Lynn pours through with both upbeat energy and depth on this latest single. The first artist to be signed to Fenix Studios, NYC, Maddie Lynn drives with emotional realness and fuses it with a refreshingly clean and enjoyable approach to pop songwriting.

Speed Zone makes for a beautiful introduction to all of this, a song with a familiar, comforting aura, but also plenty of lyrical realness and purity to connect with. Maddie’s honesty as a pop artist is a pleasure to stumble upon, and this song is poetic and relatable in a natural, likable manner.

The further you get into this release, and indeed with each new visit, the more enjoyable it is. There’s a classic pop feel to the song, but this is not in the form of an overly flashy or saturated soundscape. The song is subtle, simple to begin with – you can actually hear the raw approach behind it, so a live acoustic performance would likely be just as effective.

Maddie Lynn paves her own way, showing clear signs of influence but always holding close to her own sense of direction and her own thought process at the very same time. Having said that, there is a fitting build up and drop to this song – certain moments hit with impact thanks to well-placed contrast, and this evolves further as the track progresses.

Speed Zone is a subtle ear-worm, non-intrusive but notable enough to make certain you walk away with that tune in your head. This humble and genuine approach to pop is rare these days, but it works well – the openness connects in a valuable fashion. For all of these reasons and more, Maddie Lynn is well on her way to having an enjoyable and treasured catalogue of inspiring, uplifting songs.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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