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Madame Z Entice Me / Down The Rabbit Hole


Perhaps one of 2020’s most eclectic, versatile and uninhibited creative artists, Madame Z has already amassed a plethora of original tracks to her name, and this coming June will see her launch the brand new full length album that is Down The Rabbit Hole.

Often blending alternative pop tones with expressive, near-theatrical vocal performances, and consistently unique soundscapes, Madame Z’s music provides instrumental escapism and provocative lyricism in one swiftly melodic and seductive strike.

Her single Entice is perhaps one of her more mellow yet intriguing offerings, standing tall on the back of a spacious ambiance, a noteworthy bass-line, and smooth vocals that weave out around you in a sultry, hypnotic fashion. The mood and tone of the track suits the title and artwork pretty perfectly.

Aside from the singles, the upcoming album is set to be one that wholly encapsulates the creative freedom and passion for performance that shines brightly throughout Madame Z’s work. Highlights include the quickly addictive Things I Hate About You, and the breathy, ambient and beautifully captivating Thousand Lives – a personal favourite.

Utterly unconfined by genre, driven by a sheer need to write and perform, Madame Z combines elements of trip hop, soul and electronica to lead with an essentially alternative approach to modern pop – one that’s loaded with character and refreshing, engaging qualities. Well worth looking out for.

Grab the album Down The Rabbit Hole from June 26, 2020. Find & follow Madame Z on Instagram or visit her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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