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MacKenzie Bourg Butterflies


Delicate acoustic finger-picking presents a simple, familiar rising riff as breathy, intimate vocals, lightly reverb-kissed, deliver a deeply personal, poetic and loving song – MacKenzie Bourg showcases a fine ear for effective song-writing with this brand new single Butterflies.

Building up beautifully, from simple beginnings to the initially clever seeming juxtaposition of musical brightness and lyrical melancholy for the hook, Butterflies continues to evolve and quickly moves from good to great in its emotive embrace.

Soon comes the rhythm, a clear sense of folk-pop to pop-rock energy and optimism. Meanwhile the lyrics talk of these butterflies being dead now, but the concept is that of butterflies as a nervousness, a negativity; the song ultimately celebrating confidence and contentment both musically and in the theme.

Gorgeous writing, performed and crafted in an accessible yet genuine way. A promising release for an artist with a clear level of connection and realness in music.

Download or stream Butterflies here. Photo by Malarie Zaunbrecher.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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