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Mac Miller 100 Grandkids


We waited, he knew we would. Back with a bang is an understatement; this new track is better than ever.

Mac Miller is a real guy, watch the interviews – he makes what he wants but he cares what you think. And that’s a good thing. You helped put him where he is today. 100 Grandkids is classic Mac, but, perfectly doused in modern Mac, and all the higher thinking that shone in his recent projects. A winning combination. Check it out.

I don’t need to sell Mac Miller to you. Mac Miller music sells itself. I’m a fan of raw instruments and raspy vocals for the most part, but sometimes music just gets to you – plus he did that whole Live From Space thing with The Internet; are there any boxes left to tick?!

I’ve followed Mac Miller since the beginning, and I won’t be stopping now. I enjoyed the progression from ‘Kids’ through to ‘Watching Movies with The Sound Off’. I’m especially enjoying 100 Grandkids. I’m also a little addicted to his interviews. Mac Miller can make my day any time of the year. So now you know.

GO:OD AM – Album Out Now. Download it Here.

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