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M3 El Famoso León Higher Self


Live Performance: 7PM on Wednesday, August 30th, in Queens, NY

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New York City rapper and creative artist M3 El Famoso León blends fearlessly honest storytelling with gritty performances and versatile design, throughout the distinctly diverse and revealing singles Higher and Higher Self.

From the Reggaeton good vibes of Higher, we’re introduced to a songwriter with an ear for melody and a clear confidence on the mic.

The song’s catchy hook and thoughtful undertones lay bare a sense of groove and purpose united, as well as presenting a cleanly-mixed voice that will no doubt prove recognizable across even a broadly eclectic collection of singles.

To showcase the true depth of that versatility, Higher Self presents a haunting Hip Hop ambiance and classic rhythm, supporting a creative outpouring of bars that relay a story of self-discovery; of childhood trauma and the value of Faith.

The overall sound and style is distinctly different to Higher, yet still the M3 El Famoso León voice defiantly resounds.

Bilingual in music and life, blending cultures and genres with passion and freedom, M3 El Famoso León hits the scene unconfined by expectation and unlimited by style.

Performing live this coming Wednesday, August 30th, at The Shillelagh Tavern in Queens (NY), M3 El Famoso León promises to bring the very same integrity, personality and presence to the stage as he does in the studio.

Find M3 El Famoso León on Instagram & Soundcloud.

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